Gearing Up For Cool School

Parents, it’s that time of the year again! For some it’s an emotional time of year and others it’s a time to rejoice! Parents enrolling their youngsters for their first day at pre-school or kindergarten are the emotional ones! Tears may be shed and you might have to wean them off your leg, but in a few days they will have 6 best friends and something to look forward to everyday! Another emotional time could be your little man gearing up for middle school! He is excited about armpit hair and possibly putting a little gel in the hair! Other parents can’t wait for school to begin. It’s time to get them off the couch and off to doing something productive! Plus, many kids miss their friends and activities and are eager to get back in the groove!

Now brings up the process of back to school shopping! A few parents may like it; however some do not look forward to it! Mom, I need this and that and 15 of this! Every store has sales! They need new shoes, shirts, pants, backpacks, sporting uniforms, not to mention school supplies. Oh, the joy of school supplies, you know they need 3 boxes of Kleenex’s, 25 pencils and 10 glue sticks! But it’s all towards a great education! Whether school shopping is something you look forward to or a process you dread, you should enjoy it-it only lasts so many years!

It is time to book up your calendar with cheerleading, football, golf and volleyball! Sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming, but how bored would you be if you didn’t have little Susie’s cheer practice? Most likely, you truly love your life the way it is! Full of activities and events to attend! Plus, it keeps you young and involved physically and mentally! Trust me; there is not much on television, so you are not missing anything there!

Enjoy the memories, because they do not last forever! And, if you are ever running short on time, take a load off yourself and drop off your clothing at In The Bag. We will get them cleaned to perfection and returned to you in a hurry! Don’t forget to enjoy the back to school season; it is a vibrant time of year!

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