Smart Traveling: Gadgets & Packing Tips

Dust off your suitcase and dig out your sundress. The season of travel is upon us. Starting with Spring Break, Americans will be hitting the roads and taking to the skies for vacation. Whether you’re a thrifty packer and cram everything in your carryon or prefer a more diva-like approach with several bags in tow, you want your clothes to arrive as wrinkle-free as possible.  Listed below are some travel packing tips and cool gadgets to keep you looking your best.

Gadgets: Courtesy of: Adventurous Wench and Travel Products.
•    Inflatable hangers: Who knew? These small vinyl hangers are sold two to a pack and inflate/deflate easily for quick use and storage.
•    Car Clothes Hanging Bar: Are you packing up the family truckster and headed on a road trip? No need for your nice blouses to stay packed away. Give them a wrinkle-free window view with this steel bar that attaches quickly to any car interior.
•    See No Vino: This citrus-based spray is designed for red wine spills on clothing and carpet. Spray while wet and before the stain is set for best results. With See No Vino in your vacation arsenal you can grab that glass of wine and head out on the dance floor without worry.
•    Shoe Bags: Ladies, we love our shoes and vacation means breaking out the party footwear. Delicate, embellished, bedazzled shoes need a safe snuggly place to travel. Fleece-lined shoe bags are sold in a set of two for $11.95. The set I found even has a divider so shoes won’t rub together.  Shoe bags can also be used to keep dirty shoes away from clothes on the trek back home.

Smart Packing: If you don’t have the time, space or money for fancy traveling contraptions and prefer to travel light, you can still arrive at your destination with plenty of clothes/shoes to choose from and all of them relatively wrinkle-free if you follow a few smart packing tips.
•    Dry Cleaner Bags: Plastic minimizes friction between clothes when you travel which helps eliminate wrinkles. Save your In The Bag dry cleaning bags and when you pack, use them for delicate blouses prone to wrinkles. One item per bag.
•    Rollin Rollin Rollin: This tip has been around for a long time, with good reason, it works. Folding clothes causes deep creases. Roll clothes instead and then pack neatly.
•    Jigsaw Puzzle Packing: To get the most out of your suitcase space, especially if you’re going with just a carryon bag, try packing like a puzzle instead of a Jenga stack. Place all folded items like jeans and sweaters, down the middle of the bag. Rolled items should be placed around the outside of folded clothes, then let shoes fill in empty spaces. Socks can be stuffed in to the holes in shoes. The idea is to fill every gap.

Bonus travel tip: If you’re packing light, leave the hair dryer and clothes iron behind as most hotels will either have these in the room or at the front desk to loan.

When you get back from vacation, remember to bring your clothes in to one of our 14 In The Bag dry cleaning locations around Wichita so we can clean up all those vacation spills and dribbles and get your wardrobe ready to go for next time.

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