Spring Sorting

It’s almost Spring! As Kansans, we know spring always starts a little rocky. It’s cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon and there’s always the chance for a cold snap until at least April. People start pairing sweaters with shorts because the temperatures are never predictable but soon it will be time to pack away our heavy winter clothes and make room for capri pants and short sleeves again.

Just as people do a thorough declutter, reorganize and cleaning of their homes this time of year, now is also a good time to do some spring wardrobe cleaning. Before you begin, read our helpful hints on purging before storing and proper storage techniques.

PURGE: Before you pack ALL your winter clothes away, take some time to analyze the inventory. Sweater hoarding is real and it’s serious, people. Did you unpack that sweater this winter but never wear it? Guess what you’re going to do next year? Not wear it again. Be honest with yourself about clothes you’ve outgrown or just don’t care for anymore and bag them up for charity. You’ll gain storage space, thrift-store karma and
now that size 6 jacket won’t be mocking you in the closet every season. Win/win!

CLEAN: Examine your clothes before packing them away and never pack from the dirty clothes pile. While your clothes sit in seasonal purgatory, stains from products like lipstick, hairspray, cologne and perspiration may settle in to the garment causing discoloration and weakened fibers. Leftover food, even crumbs, will attract insects. Machine wash, hand wash or dry clean before storage. Make sure all items are fully dried
before storing to avoid mold and mildew.

STORE: Resist the urge to start shoving sweaters and wool pants in just any ole box and throwing them in the attic. Choosing the right container is essential for safe storage.

Recommended Clothes Storage Containers:

  • Plastic tubs with lids. Large sizes are reasonably priced and found at most retail stores like WalMart, Target, etc. Snap lids tight to avoid water, dust and insects.
  • Hefty Storage Bags – These large zippered plastic bags work well because you can fill them, squeeze the air out and they’re flat enough to fit under a bed or stack in a closet. Perfect for people with little storage space or clothes you might want to dig out during a spring cold snap.
  • Hangers – To avoid the dreaded “shoulder nipple” store hanging clothes on padded hangers.
  • Cedar Chest – A great choice for storing many garments, the cedar scent will repel moths and it will double-function as a coffee table or bedroom accessory piece.

Don’t forget gloves and scarves! Based on label instructions, be sure to machine or hand wash all those items that kept you toasty this winter so they’ll be clean and ready for next year.

Not enough time in the day? We’d love to help. Bring your winter dirties to any of our 14 In The Bag Cleaners in Wichita. We’ll clean all your garments and have them storage-ready in no time.

You will LOVE the way you feel!

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