In The Bag Customers make 2011 Warm Heart the best yet!

See that huge mound of coats, blankets and scarves? That’s over 7,500 coats that In The Bag Cleaners customers donated this January to KAKE TV’s Warm Hearts Campaign.

Once we at In The Bag Cleaners are finished cleaning all these items, the Salvation Army will distribute them to those in need!

“We are so thankful for everybody’s contribution to this year’s Warm Hearts Campaign making it the best year we’ve ever had. It really is nice to be able to help those in need, especially on cold days like today” In The Bag Cleaners owner Dave Coyle said.

On a day where the high temperature in Wichita isn’t supposed to raise above 20ºF, the need for coats is more than apparent. Weathermen urged people to stay indoors and not venture outside in the dangerous cold.

“Not having a coat on a day like today isn’t a want, it’s a need and In The Bag Cleaners customers did an amazing job fulfilling that need” Coyle added.

In The Bag Cleaners would like to thank each and every person who showed their generosity by donating coats, scarves and blankets this year. If you would like to still donate, please do so at the Salvation Army downtown.

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